The last time we took you to the Maya temples at Lamanai, there was a strict "no climbing" policy on the high temple. Fast forward a year later, and that hasn't changed, which has tour companies - like AyinHa - worried that tourists will opt out of that Lamanai tour.

But the reason for the policy was due to the deterioration of the high temple, as well as some of the other plazas at the site. So for safety reasons, visitors could look, but not touch.

But now, the Ministry is taking on a major restoration project, being funded by the US Embassy. Though the project has already started, today saw the official opening ceremony. Courtney Menzies was there and has this story.

The Ministry is employing those from surrounding communities, including Indian Church and nearby women's groups, to work under the project.

And while there are many roads that lead to Lamanai, our team took the quickest route and the one most trafficked by tourists - a boat ride from AyinHa Adventures, located on the bank of the New River.

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