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A total of 69 cats and 14 dogs, rabbits, two turtles, ducks, and chickens, were safely removed from a house in the San Pablo subdivision south of San Pedro Town after it was confirmed they were kept in appalling conditions. The neglected animals were rescued by a move spearheaded by the San Pedro Saga Humane Society (SAGA) with assistance from Councilor Johnnia Duarte, ACES Wildlife Rescue, the San Pedro Police Formation, and a host of volunteers.

The plan to find the animals a better home and free them from the filthy conditions took place on Tuesday, March 21st. All parties involved met at SAGA’s shelter on Sea Star Street and then headed south to the San Pablo subdivision. For days they have been receiving reports of the conditions in which the animals were kept, and people living nearby were very concerned with the situation.

SAGA and the team arrived at a house named Casa Palapadore in San Pablo on the canal side. The property grounds were overgrown with bushes and scattered rubbish. On one side of the property was a two-story house, where an American woman met SAGA personnel on the porch of the second floor. Immediately, they realized the severity of the issue. The second floor seemed without electricity and running water. The porch was full of dogs and puppies jumping around. Cats were also in crates, and the entire area emitted an unbearable stench. The house owner was confronted and questioned about the conditions of the animals. The owner, who identified herself as Kate, said she was not doing anything wrong and that she fed the animals. She also told SAGA that they had taken the animals to their clinic several times for checkups, but Kate could not produce any documentation proving that.

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