I was browsing through my files and remembered a fab trip - what a treat it was to see The Garifuna Collective live in Big Falls, Toledo that year. The entire festival event was enjoyable but my favorite portion was the evening. The day time events were lovely. The weather was HOT. In addition to attending the Chocolate Festival we also visited the Lubantuun Maya Ruins, The Chaos Oasis Earthship and a number of great diners. The shopping in PG is incredibly inexpensive when compared to San Pedro pricing! The Maya Mountains in the background, the amazing lightning shows in the sky at night, the incredible cultural experience of the peoples and way of living in the south make this an experience everyone should try and make an effort to experience for themselves. I still need to book a chocolate farm tour and there are many other experiences such as learning to cook over the fire hearth and how to drum! Belize is an amazing melting pot of cultural experiences with a backdrop of Caribbean Sea and tropical forests.