Motorists asked to slow down

As the dry season continues, residents across the subdivisions around San Pedro Town are experiencing issues with the excess airborne dust caused by motorists and large trucks. Those living along the main unpaved streets are the most affected, and they are appealing to the authorities to water the dusty roads as done in the past routinely. While the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) has taken advantage of the dry period to continue rehabilitating streets, they are aware of the situation. They ask those affected to call their offices at 226-2198 so they can prioritize and better address the issue. At the same time, motorists are asked to be considerate and avoid speeding in residential areas.

The SPTC shared that they are working on acquiring a water truck and will begin spraying the areas most affected across the subdivisions. A timeline could not be provided, but the team at the SPTC said they are looking to begin addressing the issue soon. Meanwhile, several residents in areas like DFC say they must keep their windows tightly closed to avoid dust inside their homes. The same situation is along the main streets in San Pedrito, San Juan, San Mateo, and Escalante areas. According to islanders in those areas, if vehicles would slow down, the issue could be less frustrating, but most persons in golf carts and large vehicles transit at high speeds lifting clouds of dust carried by the wind. Some of the affected try to wet the street portion in front of their homes, but it is not enough, and they hope the SPTC can intervene by at least spraying the unpaved streets with water.

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