GCF selects Belize for a Case Study given its Robust Readiness and Aggressive Implementation of Climate Financed Projects

The Ministry of Economic Development (MED), as Belize's National Designated Authority (NDA) to the Green Climate Fund (GCF), hosted representatives from the GCF Independent Evaluation Unit (IEU) during the week of March 27-31, 2023. The IEU ensures the GCF is accountable and effective by conducting independent evaluations of its activities. It operates independently of the GCF secretariat and reports only to the board.

Given its robust readiness and implementation capacity, Belize was identified as one of the countries for the preparation of a case study to inform the evaluation. The aim of the mission was to learn about the country's experience with the GCF and to collect information from stakeholders on the relevance and effectiveness of the GCF Readiness and Preparatory Support Programme. This is a result of Belize having a very comprehensive readiness portfolio of 15 national and regional readiness projects in various areas and sectors. These projects will further enable the country to meet its climate change goals and access the urgently needed climate finance to be able to adapt and mitigate climate change impacts.

The IEU mission was led by Ms. Elangthoko Mokgano, an IEU staff member, and Mr. Phillip Cox, a senior consultant from Universalia. They went on field visits with government officials, delivery partners, private and civil society stakeholders, representatives of accredited entities, development partners, other climate-related projects, and academia, and GCF project beneficiaries.

Dr. Osmond Martinez, Belize's NDA to the GCF and Chief Executive Officer for the Ministry of Economic Development, extends his gratitude to MED's Climate Finance Unit members who facilitated the IEU team. The ministry also thanks all stakeholders who took the time to meet with the team and looks forward to continuing work with the GCF and stakeholders to champion climate change impacts in and for Belize.