Another judgement came down against the Belize Tourism Board today for breach of a former employee's contract.

Jacqueline Locke, the BTB's former Registrar of Hotels and and Director of Business Development signed a contract with the BTB in April of 2020, but was terminated shortly after that.

In May of 2021, after the November 2020 change of government, the BTB terminated her by saying that due to COVID and the tourism downturn, they could no longer afford to pay her salary.

The case was argued in December of last year by Yohhahnseh Cave for Locke, and Andrew Marshalleck, for the BTB.

In a judgement handed down today, Justice Geneviave Chabot found that Locke was terminated without cause and that her contract was breached.

The Judge has ordered the BTB to pay her the amount outstanding on her contract which is 255 thousand, or a quarter million dollars, plus interest and costs which will bring the BTB's total sum payable up to about 300 thousand dollars.

Add this to cases which the BTB also took to trial and lost for the wrongful terminations of former Director Karen Bevans and former Director of Marketing Misty Michael, and the BTB's tab for wrongful terminations is now over a million dollars, and probably on its way to 1.5 million.

But, attorney Andrew Marshalleck who defended the BTB in all three of the cases says he expects that like the other two, this judgement will also be appealed.

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