The Lotteries Committee met on April 20, to review the conditions of the exclusive license held by Brads Gaming Group Ltd. (BGGL) to administer the Government Lotteries. Upon its review, the committee decided to revoke the exclusive license held by BGGL due to material and substantial breaches of the conditions of the exclusive license, and the Lotteries Act and its regulations.

Members of the public are advised that effective May 2, 2023, BGGL is no longer licensed to sell or administer the Government Lotteries (Boledo, Jackpot and Ordinary Lotteries). The last lottery draw under the present arrangement will be on April 30, 2023.

The government will, in the near future, make alternative arrangements for the administration of the Government Lotteries while maintaining a standard that will guarantee that consumer rights are not violated.

The Government of Belize remains committed to ensuring that, with the proper administration of the Government Lotteries, necessary income/revenues will be generated to fund the much-needed healthcare costs for Belizeans through the National Health Insurance.

Notice to all Agents of Government Lotteries: Boledo Lottery, Jackpot Lottery and Ordinary Lottery

The Lotteries Committee hereby informs the public, all agents, and sub-agents of the Government Lotteries (Boledo, Jackpot, and Ordinary lotteries) that Brad's Gaming Group Limited's (BGGL) exclusive license to administer the Government Lotteries has been revoked effective May 2, 2023.

Given the revocation of BGGL's exclusive license, all agents are hereby advised that as of May 2, 2023, they too are prohibited from selling Government Lotteries. Anyone caught promoting or selling any government lottery from this date onward without a valid license will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

The public will be advised when the Government Lotteries will resume normal activity. If you have any queries, kindly send your concerns to the Lotteries Secretary at [email protected].

The Lotteries Committee and the Ministry of Investment thank the public for their understanding and continued cooperation.