Regarding the bible poisoning that happened, Today, the PM said he still supports it:

ohn Briceno, Prime Minister
"Yeah, I know, I think that is one of the things that we have to take a closer look and to see how that can be addressed, how we can ensure that that does not happen. But who knows, maybe if it was already out there with the proper regulations in place, quite likely that would not have happened. But because it is in limbo, you know, it's like purgatory, you're not in hell, you're not in heaven, people are still bringing these edibles and selling it because it's legal up to ten grams, so maybe an argument could be done saying that we have to ensure that we go through all the way with the process to ensure that there can be strict regulations, how it's going to be managed, how it's going to be handled, who can sell, who can buy, who can use, all of these questions have to be regulated but because it has been stopped in its tracks right now because of the commitment we made to the religious community, and I know they are going to say, see I told you so, but it could be from the reverse, I mean, you can't turn back things and that's just changes that we're facing at this time in our society and all over the world."