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On Wednesday, May 17th, a public meeting was held in a community ten miles north of San Pedro Town by the San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) and Area Representative Honourable Andre Perez. The gathering saw dozens of people living in this island area and engaged the local authorities to discuss their needs and concerns. The public meeting started shortly after 7PM at an open area where a police sub-station was recently inaugurated. Several residents with their families listened to Area Representative Perez open the event, thanking them for attending. Perez told those in attendance that his team and the SPTC know that northern Ambergris Caye is developing and residents in this area lack vital services.

After the welcoming remarks, a few residents took the microphone and explained their needs. Access to water was one of the main concerns shared. This remote community is without running potable water and electricity. Many residents use solar panels to power their homes; however, this is not enough, and they would like this infrastructure to be further developed. Another concern is transportation for children attending school in San Pedro Town. The discussion had some ups and downs, including frustrated residents raising their voices and questioning the local leaders why they were abandoned. Perez and Nu´┐Żez told the residents they have been busy working and lobbying for their well-being. Both local leaders say that such a meeting was not for political mileage as municipal elections are due in March 2024. They explained that such a meeting was overdue; hence, it was held to learn about the needs in that area.

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