The plans to upgrade and beautify the central park in downtown San Pedro continue with the aim to make this popular public space more family friendly. A new playground has been installed, and the next step is to do more repainting and improve the facilities of the food vendors. The Mayor spoke about the idea of building concrete kiosks for the food vendors; however, it is possible to build them from blocks made from Sargassum. Nu´┐Żez has been discussing the problem with Mexican entrepreneur Omar Vasquez, founder of SargaBlocks, to possibly make building blocks from Sargassum and use them in a pilot project on the island. This will entail building the kiosks with SargaBlocks and testing if this material works well for construction, as mentioned by Vasquez.

This upgrades to the park are in line with the town's responsibilities of being a child-friendly community. San Pedro has shown a great commitment in being a community ideal for families and in June 2021 it was awarded the silver status as a certified child-friendly municipality under the United Nations Children's Emergency Fund watch. As such, it is important to have the central park with all facilities to provide an atmosphere where children and families can come out to socialize in a safe environment. The certification also entails children living in a particular community are provided with protection and their families' concerns are considered.

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