The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) administration is tackling the issue of illegal dumping and warning those involved that they will be penalized for their actions. According to SPTC, inspections are being carried out regularly, and anyone found illegally dumping garbage will face hefty fines and possible criminal charges. Public assistance is also requested in reporting any littering offenses by calling 226-2198 or visiting the SPTC on Barrier Reef Drive with evidence if possible. Aiming to take a different approach to tackle the problem, Mayor Gualberto' Wally' Nu�ez stated that his team is now fully enforcing fines against anyone caught littering. The Mayor pointed out that a particular dumping site north of San Pedro led to the issuing of $1,000 fines to a group of people found liable for the offense. Nu�ez said they were ordered to clean up the area after the fine. SPTC's stern response to the incident resulted in the rubbish being removed and the property leveled with white marl material.

Another issue SPTC addresses is improper garbage disposal by private garbage collectors offering services to north Ambergris Caye residents. Instead of dumping the collected trash at the Solid Waste Management Transfer Station, these garbage collectors carelessly dump garbage on public or private land. The Mayor speculates that this is done not to pay the transfer station's fees for their services. One of the areas targeted for dumping is along the San Pedrito Highway connecting the subdivisions of San Pedrito and San Pablo. Several clean-up campaigns have been carried out in this area which continues to be affected by illegal dumping. This area's most extensive clean-up effort was held in November 2018 and organized by the San Pedro Branch of the Belize Tourism Industry Association. Over three days, more than 100 persons participated in removing tons of rubbish, a giant eyesore threatening the fragile surrounding ecosystem. Despite this huge collective effort, a short time after, in 2019, the said area was choked with rubbish once again.

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