And zooming from that coastline in the south to one in the Belize District, we take you now to Goff's Caye. It's 12 nautical miles from Belize City - and is an acre long island with glistening white sands and crystal blue waters surrounding it.

But while the scenery is unmatched, the fact is that the island is in trouble. Just like Monkey River, erosion has claimed a large part of the caye, and if nothing is done, it could eventually be completely washed away by the sea.

But the Coastal Zone Management Authority and Institute, which is in charge of Goff's Caye, won't let that happen. And on Saturday, they worked together with Bowen & Bowen to plant mangroves that will eventually serve as protection for the island. Courtney Menzies was there and has this story.

Courtney Menzies:
In about five years, this little propagule will grow into a mangrove tree - one of the most important weapons in the fight against erosion. And today, 300 of them were planted here on Goff's Caye, to ensure that this tiny island will still be around for decades to come.

Kent Garbutt, Assistant Lab Tech, CZMAI
"Everyone loves to come to Goff's Caye so we're trying to save Goff's Caye at the same time. Basically we're using the Riley Encased Method, I will say of some sort, because I have altered it to suit this area. So the Riley Encased Method is basically having something to enclose the mangroves in, pipe, a bamboo, something of that nature, so basically it's just cutting the pipe or the bamboo in the middle, facing it to the land because we want the water to go in but we don't want a lot of water to go in. So we don't want it to wash out the sand and the propagules don't have sand to catch on. So that's the method we are using today and the bamboos right now have probably about 2-3 inches of sand in it and then we place the propagules in it."

And the back of the island, where Garbutt described as a high intensity area, is the section of the Caye that visitors aren't normally allowed.

But that's where Bowen & Bowen Corporate Citizens Committee carefully planted the propagules, bracing the bamboos with rocks to protect them from the waves.

The Corporate Relations Manager explained that this is a part of their usual volunteer campaign.

Rosanna Villanueva, Corporate Relations Manager, B&B Companies
"This is our second mangrove planting and the team we have out here is our Bowen & Bowen Corporate Citizens Committee. This is a group of our employees who do volunteer work so we do different things at schools and last year we did a mangrove planting where we planted 300 plants in front of Wesley College in Belize City. Our team really enjoyed that project because it allowed us to get very hands on and we learned a lot by doing it, a lot of teamwork as well, so when Coastal Zone mentioned that they were having issues out at Goff's Caye with erosion and they wanted to plant some mangroves here to protect the island, we volunteered for this project, so that's why we're out here today."

"Being good, responsible corporate citizens, I think it's important, not only from the company itself but also for employees to get involved, so we have various projects throughout the year that we do in different parts of the country where our corporate citizen committee members come out, they spend the day, they put in the time, the effort, the labor, the manpower, and I think it's important because we all live in these communities in which we do these projects so it's important for us to be involved as well."

And according to the island's caretaker, whose been living out there for over a decade, these future mangrove trees will go a long way in protecting Goff's Caye, but there's still more work that needs to be done.

Jason Ferguson, Caretaker, Goff's Caye
"I've seen it washed away like rapidly like couple yards, not feet, yards, couple yard washed away. Since like, couple yards, as you see how it comes out here and the sand doesn't come back because when the southeast blows, the southeast shoves out the sand, and when the north, the north bring up back the sand, so what we have to do as island managers and people that work in the office with Coastal Zone, we have to protect the island on this side and that side so we're thinking of putting a rock wall, and then it could save the island, so when the north starts to blow, it brings up all this sand you see up here."

But until then, CZMAI and Bowen & Bowen are hoping that in a year, the propagules will become seedlings, and that Goff's Caye will be saved from the savage seas.

50 of Bowen & Bowen's employees were part of the mangrove planting.

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