And rounding out our conversation with the Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance, Chris Coye, we asked for an update on the National Bank and whether it would need re-Capitalization.

Here's what the government's finance expert told us about the still relatively new bank and its growth during the former UDP and current PUP administrations.

Chris Coye, Minister Of State in The Ministry Of Finance & Economic Development
"What I would say is you look at the history of the performance of the national bank and as far as that bank, it has had a difficult challenge over the many years but it has turned a corner under this administration. I think it has been capitalized with over 35 million dollars using Petro Caribe money under the past administration, that has kept national bank going but what will turn national bank is the management, confidence in the board, confidence in the way that the national bank operates and that is what attracts the deposits, coming to the bank and the loans coming to the bank, so much so that the national bank has grown in deposits, by over 60% and similarly in loans by over 70% so , so that is I think indicative of how national bank is performing under this administration and going forward. It's an approach of non-interference and a response of allowing prudent management of the institution."

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