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A casino is about to open on Pescador Drive in downtown San Pedro. The new establishment targeting local and visiting casino lovers has raised a few eyebrows because of its location, considered one of the busiest intersections downtown. Some residents think it could disrupt other businesses and activities in the area. There are a handful of stores and eateries (restaurants) nearby, and just a block away is the central park frequented by families and children. Another issue expressed is the potential traffic congestion and the parking situation. Such concerns have been shared with The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC), which provides trade licenses. The town administration has indicated that the casino will open temporarily and relocate to a new resort north of San Pedro later.

The casino's proximity to the central park, a hub for San Pedro's child-friendly initiatives, has prompted some families visiting the park every week to question this type of establishment. Currently, all nightclubs near the park have shut down; thus, the idea of a casino nearby has surprised some residents. Mayor Gualberto' Wally' Nu´┐Żez explained that the casino presence on Pescador Drive is temporary. He added that this is one of the conditions for the casino and that the business would be required to relocate to a proposed resort just north of the Boca del Rio bridge. Regarding the parking issue, he briefly explained that the casino management plans to locate a parking area and provide valet parking service when necessary. No problems are expected with the nearby businesses as the casino operates at different times. Usually, casinos are busy after 10PM.

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