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The issue regarding large trucks in downtown San Pedro Town and other parts of the island continues to be a daily concern as many residents voice their discontent, calling on local authorities to take further measures. Over the past few days, some residents have reported traffic accidents involving these large vehicles, fearing that a tragedy may occur if the issue is not addressed. The San Pedro Town Council (SPTC) had previously set a schedule for large vehicles (dump and cargo trucks) to alleviate traffic and potential accidents. According to the SPTC, this schedule has not changed; however, those concerned about the traffic problem say regulation needs to be enforced.

The SPTC schedule noted that no large delivery trucks could operate from 8-9AM and 11:30AM-1:15PM, Monday to Friday. In addition, no large trucks will be allowed after 1PM on Saturdays. While, on Sundays and public and bank holidays, no trucks will be allowed to operate in town. Despite these rules, people have reported dump trucks in town during school hours. Students are heading to school, riding their bicycles on Angel Coral Street next to the large trucks. These trucks use this main street when transporting material through the downtown area from the island's northern side. Many students and other pedestrians use this street in the mornings and afternoons. Like others in San Pedro, the road is narrow for large vehicles. As such, many residents believe that congestion is inevitable due to the lack of space, leading to mishaps. One of these reportedly involved a lady who suffered injuries requiring surgery. According to reports, the incident happened during school hours, when trucks were prohibited from operating.

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Town Council:

Notice: Crossing of large dump trucks and large delivery trucks is restricted through town core during peak school hours, as per below. Trucks provide an essential service to the island's development and we are working to find a balance between traffic flow and the island's development.

Note: small delivery trucks are allowed to operate normally.

Clarification: previously, there was a 30 minute window at midday that allowed truck crossings (this had created confusion as people were still seeing crossings at midday). The adjusted schedule should address public concerns.

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