Earlier this week, B.E.L. issued a notice to customers that its supplier of electricity in Mexico had been experiencing generation shortages as a result of the high demand for power in the Yucatan Peninsula. Subsequently, C.F.E. reduced the available amount of electricity provided to Belize to between zero and ten megawatts. The company attributes the shortage to the recent heat wave in southern Mexico. According to Belize Electricity Limited, the existing demand on the national grid is one hundred and six megawatts, and the total amount of power available to the grid locally is a little over one hundred and seven megawatts. According to the utility company, any loss of generation during this period will cause power outages. Earlier today, B.E.L. Chairman Andrew Marshalleck spoke with the media and explained in further details the situation at hand.

Andrew Marshalleck, Chairman, Belize Electricity Ltd.

"The situation that currently exists is that we have been unable to meet extraordinary demand for electricity during the recent heat wave because we did not have access to the amount of electricity needed to meet those needs. In other words, the supply of electricity to BEL was not sufficient to meet the needs that customers were demanding. Now we recognize that the heat wave caused an unusual spike in demand and that accounts in part for the problems we experienced. In fact, the heat wave was not confined to Belize. It extended into Mexico, the Yucatan Peninsula and they of course were experiencing similar increases in demand and similar problems to their provision of electricity services which in turn also impacts us. As you are aware, just about half of the electricity supply needed to meet the demands of customers come from Mexico."

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