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On Sunday, July 23rd, the San Pedro Chapter of the Justices of the Peace (JP) elected a new executive committee during a meeting held at the Caribbean Villas Hotel. The national president of the JP association Danny Madrid swore in the new executive body. The newly elected committee will serve for one year. The swearing-in ceremony started shortly after 1PM on the beach. Madrid addressed the JPs, and each member accepted their new role in the island's JP chapter. The long-time president of the San Pedro chapter, Clive Welsh, passed on the responsibility of the post to Nai Duran. Welsh presented Duran with a certificate of appreciation, wished President Duran all the best, and said he would be available to assist the new committee with any help needed.

Ana Ico was elected Vice President, with Melisa Ayala as the Secretary. The Assistant Secretary is Vicky Coc, followed by Grant Crimmins as the Treasurer. The committee also selected three directors, Javier Williams, Dorothea Pineda, and Steve Bowen. National President Madrid discussed the role of JP and emphasized the importance of being a good JP. He said that the service of a JP should be free of cost, and no one should charge for the service. If someone wants to contribute, Madrid said if accepted, it should be on behalf of the JP Association. Most of the time, if someone makes a monetary contribution, it should be a cheque made to the association's name. Madrid said he would seek further assistance from appointed Attorney General Anthony Sylvestre. Madrid explained that a JP is part of the Attorney General's Ministry, which approves the JP applications.

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