Last week, BEL held a press conference where they explained that their servers were hacked and customer and employee information was leaked onto the dark web. Since they found out about the leak, they've been combing through it, and so far, the types of information they've been finding have mostly been social security numbers, vacation request forms, invoices, and other similar data.

When asked if any credit card numbers were leaked, the CEO, John Mencias said that they don't store that information. However, today, the company made a slight correction to that statement.

While they say that there is no evidence that customer credit or debit card information was leaked, they clarified that those numbers and expiration dates were being stored in the company's database. However, they pointed out that that information was not being kept on the file servers - which were the ones hacked - but rather on a separate server that, to their knowledge, was untouched by the ransomware.

But, to be cautious, BEL has removed all credit and debit card information from their databases. They also explained to us that they have contacted the customers whose information had been stored and informed them of the clarification.

Channel 7