Search and Rescue teams were activated on Sunday night on Ambergris Caye, after a boatman became detached from his vessel and was swept out to sea.
It happened between San Pedro and Caye Caulker and Jomarie Lanza spoke with one of the EMT's who was a part of the search.

Night had already begun to set in when San Pedrano, Justin Daniels was driving his boat back from Caye Caulker to Ambergris Caye on Sunday, when he experienced a mechanical failure with his propeller.

Daniels dove in the water in an attempt to fix the issue, but instead he was separated from his vessel and began to drift to sea.

When he didn't turn up in San Pedro, the community was alerted, and a search party was assembled to look for the stranded Daniels.

Approximately 5 hours later he was pulled from the water to safety and rushed to the nearest medical center for treatment. EMT Abner Bacab was on the scene:

Abner Bacab, EMT, Island Emergency Services
"So I got in contact with a couple boat captains that were going out. I saw them posting so I asked if I could come on board their boat so I could go and search for the person and they gladly said yes. So I got all of my stuff ready: oxygen, backboard, IV solutions, AED, I'm actually an EMT and an Emergency Medical Technician. So I got all of my stuff ready and we boarded the boat and started to head out to the last known location of the person."

"We actually came out at around 10:00, at about When we reached the location it was around 11:00 yes.

"Right in front of Caye Caulker we were searching that area because that was the area of his last known location so we were searching, a lot of people were searching behind the mangroves near the mangroves that area where they thought he might have drifted but we were in the search for at least 30-40 mins when we received the call that he had been found. Another boat some of his very very personal friends were looking for him and they went to a Caye called Paps Caye which is at the back of Caye Caulker that's where they found him in that area."

Once Daniels was located, near Paps Caye behind Caye Caulker, they scrambled to get him out of the water and warmed up:

Abner Bacab, EMT, Island Emergency Services
"Once we made touch with them, we touched bases with them. We crossed over to another boat, a bigger boat, The boat that found him, and I immediately started to check his vitals. He was alert and he was responding a little bit. I know he would have been dehydrated because he had been out there for about 5 hours on the sea. Immediately I started an IV, I started an IV for hydration then we covered him with a temperature blanket to protect his temperature. He was a little bit cold and suffering from a little bit of Hypothermia at that moment. We placed him on oxygen and then we started to head to town. So thankfully we were very close to the location and we could have helped him once we were on board the boat, so it was myself, Abner Bacab, and Jamal Boiton which was another EMT that works along with me."

Once the crew arrived in town Daniels was loaded into an ambulance and taken to the polyclinic. Daniels was discharged this morning. Bacab believes that the flotation device he was clinging onto may have bought him a few more hours until they were able to locate him:

Abner Bacab, EMT, Island Emergency Services
"I mean a person gets tired just swimming you know so you got to use your knowledge and skills to make the time longer for you to survive. I mean somebody swimming in the sea can get tired in an hour just swimming and trying to float but if you're a skilled person, that knows the water which I think helped him a lot, I think he is a boat captain and a fisherman so he definitely had a lot of knowledge and experience in swimming situations. But I would say the answer to your question is a person can get tired and it would be between anywhere from, again depending on the person's physical ability how strong they are and all that I would say anywhere from 1-6 or 7 hours, but having a life jacket will help you stay afloat for about 72 hours or 3 days."

Thanks to the San Pedro Community and the Island Emergency Services, Justin Daniels was found, treated, and released, and is now back at home recovering.

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