Big USAir sale to Belize.

Must be ticketed by 15 Nov.

Sample Roundtrip Fares* (excluding taxes, surcharges, etc.):

Washington, DC-BZE $298
Baltimore - BZE $298
Philadelphia - Belize $422
Charlotte - Belize $695
Boston-Belize $370
Pittsburgh-Belize $497
New York LGA - BZE $370
Raleigh, NC - BZE $498
Richmond, VA-BZE $678
Chicago - Belize $375
Hartford - Belize $498

*Fares are subject to change; Belize service valid Tues, Thurs, Sat, Sun only beginning 11/9/02

These are VERY DISCOUNTED sale fares, in some cases ranging from 50-60% off the published leisure fares. The travel period for the sale to Belize extends through MAR. 23, 2003! Of course blacked out for Thanksgiving & Christmas/New Year's.

Call them direct or go to their website: