we returned from our first trip to the little piece of heaven that is ambergrise caye three long weeks ago. we stayed at cqptain morgans retreat(fantastic). if you are staying north of the cut lucky you the resorts here are fantastic, but be warned the last boat back from town is nine pm so be prepared for lovely quiet romantic evenings together. BUT you also have the best pizza in the world at the essene way resort, next up from captain morgans. paullys pizza is fantastic DO have the garlic shrimp its amazing. whilst your dinner is being cooked you can soak up the wierd ambience of the essene way (cant describe you will just have to go!) and have a belikan or two with paully and wayne. ATLEAST DO THIS ONCE.

for a truly brilliant day out on a catamaran get the rubio brothers to take you out on THE NO RUSH. find the at the spindrift dock in town, unity tours. what a day we had with them snorkeling with the sharks, getting a local view of caye caulkner unbeatable, thatb was a dat i will never forget and neither will you, russell and stephen will make sure you love every second of your trip on their lovely boat. excellent prices aswell.