Hi, i received this today and thought i'd run it by folks just in case...

I would like to know if you could help me find my grandfather named Silvano Caceres. The only we know is that he is living in Belize. If you can help, please make it know that his son Joel Rosales is in California and would like to get a hold of him. Hi can be reached at telephone number 562-809-9030 or at email address ovallejo@netzero.net. I greatly appreciate you spreading this message via your medium."

Queria saber si ustedes me podian ayuda a encontrar a mi abuelito su nombre es Silvano Caceres, lo unico que sabemos esque esta viviendo en Belize, por favor si pueden anunciar que se comunique con su hijo Joel Rosales en Estados Unidos California al tel. 562-809-9030 que llame o que escriba si alguien sabe de el a OVallejo@netzero.net le voy agradecer mucho si por favor envia este mensaje atraves de su periodico, gracias