Below is a copy of my reply to Rick and Cheri, which is also posted on one of Marty's messages because of all the traffic and replies on his.

If anyone would like to add their accounts and stories of Hurricane Keith, please contact me. I will try to get them into the book to show how the people of Belize react quickly and help each other. The more readers who see this, the more will come to Belize and pump money into the economy.

All the best,


Rick and Cheri:
If you pull off this relief effort, please contact me with complete information. My next book is going to be the Saltwater Angler's Guide to Central America and the Yucatan, and I want to get the entire story into the Belize chapter. The book is being published by Wilderness Adventures Press; www.wildadv.com.

I would love to have photos of the entire operation, if possible. I will pay for all shipping, etc., and return the originals to you.

This is an important thing to have in the book, as it shows my readers what the people of Belize are all about.

Hang Tough,


Bob Newman
Executive Editor, Fishbelly.com
Contributing Editor, Fly Fishing in Salt Waters

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