From Magnum Belize:

Tropica Beach
The Crabbiest Resort in Belize

Tropica Beach just might be the crabbiest resort in Belize. Ok, maybe
an explanation is in order. Tropica Beach, located on "Mar de
Tumbo," a natural pristine swimming beach just one mile south of
downtown San Pedro, is home to the Tropica Crab Collection, the
largest display of crabs from around the world. The international
collection of invertebrates, mostly crabs and lobsters, is free and
open to the public. The collection, far from being completed,
started in Florida in 1977. It is sure to enhance your appreciation
of these wonders of the world's ocean floors, and increase your
knowledge of them as well.

For example, you may not realize that: * Crabs have five pairs of
jointed legs, and three jaws. * Crabs were first believed to
originate 550 million years ago, and there are 42,000 species of
crustaceans known today. * The largest crustacean in the world is
the giant spider crab of Japan; it can measure 12 feet (3.7 meters)
long between its outstretched claws. * The smallest crab in the
world is the pea crab (1/4 inch wide or 5 mm) which lives inside a
live oyster shell. Crabs live in the ocean, on land and in trees,
and can regenerate legs or claws when they are lost.

The collection has acquired a museum atmosphere at Tropica, giving the
San Pedro community an invertebrate education and a spirit of
enjoyment for the world's oceans. Tropica supports local efforts to
keep the waters of Ambergris Caye environmentally healthy. All
species on display at Tropica are either unprotected or collected
prior to protection.

Tropica Beach features 32 air-conditioned rooms. There are Belizean
beach style four-plex buildings, where rooms have the availability of
an adjoining door that may be opened by guests if desired. The
option is perfect for families. All rooms have two ceiling fans,
private bath and front veranda. Ocean front rooms include two full
beds, ceiling fans, private bath and a private veranda overlooking
the second largest barrier reef in the world.

The freshwater pool at Tropica is unique in that one end is nearly 9
feet deep-perfect for diving practice. The resort offers a dive shop,
and can organize all the fun stuff you want to do in Belize,
including inland tours and water activities.

Be sure to check out the food and unique drinks at The SeaGrill, which
offers a menu of gourmet "Sandbar Coffees," including Belizean
Coffee, which includes tropical brandy topped with cream. There are
many unique tropical drinks too, including Tumbo Drop-the recipe of
which, as SeaGrill staff will tell you with a smile, is known only
to "The God of Mar de Tumbo."

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