Tuesday, October 3, 2000

Getting out to the most devastated areas on the cayes was no easy feat,
but News Five's Jose Sanchez and cameraman Brent Toombs managed to hop
on a boat. Jose has just returned with the videotape and put together
the following clips.

Marla Burgess, Hurricane Victim
"Everything. I just bought a new freezer, TV, I lost it all. And I had
it all in my house. I had a house with four bedrooms, and a parlour
upstairs. Downstairs I had three bedrooms and a kitchen, a top and

Craig Chanoweth, Tourist
"We had no idea it was coming. It was just sitting out there and people
made mention of it, but everyone was pretty suprised from what I've
heard and seen."

Jose Sanchez
"Were you ever afraid, concerned?"

Craig Chanoweth
"When the winds picked you pretty strong, I was pretty concerned at that
point and water started coming through the roof."

Mrs. Gold, Tourist
"It was very scary, I stayed down at the end by the split, and we had a
little baby, my grandson, so the water, the rain, the terrible wind,
everything blowing."

Daniel Marin, Hurricane Victim
"While we were in the house, it was wet, rough shaking like everything
was falling apart worrying if something would hit you on the head."

Kimor Casimiro, Hurricane Victim
"On our way to the school, the street was flooded, the water reached me
to my chest. I had a little boy in my hands and the water washed away
the little boy and I found him all the way at the store on the back
street. It was a hard disaster."

Clementina White, Hurricane Victim
"My house fall with everything. This is the only piece of clothing I
have. I have nothing."

Wayne Miller, Caye Caulker Emergency Committee
"We really want to ask people that if they don't have to come out to the
island, don't come out to the island until we can get it clean up
somewhat. We try to control this by the water taxis that are taking
people in. We are trying to get more people off the island than we are
trying to get on. We have no power, we have no water. So we are really
strongly suggest that people stay off the island if they have an
essential or any kind business on the island, to just stay off the
island until we can get situated."

Fermin Marin, Chairman, Caye Caulker Village Council
"Right now as you notice, most of the streets are blocked, so we are
trying open and get access, so that people can move around if they need
to get into the stores. At the same time, the BDF and other who will be
assisting with security, can have a way to get around the place. After
that, right now what we are definitely doing, is that we are getting
more supplies, more medication. We want to take care of the people first
before we even start cleaning up the place. We need to get water, food,
security has already been here, and we intend to get fuel. I spoke to a
couple of ministers today and they promised us that they were going to
get the Ministry of Works out here."

Jose Sanchez
"The basic question that people of Caye Caulker want to know is when are
they going to have electricity restored."

Patty Arceo, Area Representative, Belize Rural South
"Well we are still trying to get the technicians from BEL and BTL right
here on the island. It's hard for me to be predicting that right now."

Jose Sanchez
"What about fresh water for the people?"

Patty Arceo
"We are getting some supplies. I just got a call that there are two
boats right here on land and we are getting fresh water."

Jose Sanchez
"Between Caye Caulker and San Pedro, which island was hit worst and what
kind of relief is coming to these islands."

Patty Arceo
"Well I flew just now over Caye Caulker, and we saw about 40% of San
Pedro. It's very hard to say which island was hit the most, I think both
island have suffered quite a lot. The relief is coming very fast, the
government is responding, both hurricane preparedness committee from
Caye Caulker and San Pedro, are activated and working together with the
British Forces along with the BDF."

Authorities on Caye Caulker report that two hundred and ninety residents
of Caye Caulker remain homeless as of tonight.