Bill McCuistion, owner Casa Mata, reporting. Casa Mata is the large colonial-style house between Charlie and Quay's house and Sundiver (formerly The Caye Dive Resort), approximately 4.5 miles north of the BTL radio tower on AC.

Just got off the phone with Catherine Scott, owner of Sundiver Resort. She reported that everyone had made it through safe and sound and that the guests, mostly Fox crew, were able to leave as transportation can be arranged.

Frank Anderson (Casa Mata's Caretaker), Janet Martinez (Frank's mate) and their toddler son, Jordie, are all at Sundiver and OK, albiet stressed from the ordeal.

Apparently, Casa Mata's Honda Generator was taken to Sundiver and used for the past several days to keep communications going and power lights, etc. I'm glad it was put to good use.

Property damage will be in excess of insurance deductable amounts. Casa Mata, suffered the collapse of its large roof and will require extensive repairs. Casa Mata's boat is lost (missing?). Everything inside the house is covered by the rubble of the fallen roof, except where the roof has blown away.

If anyone hears from Mary Hawthorne or Johnna Trejos (Caye Management) please pass this information along to them. I can be reached via e-mail at "[email protected]", or telephone at 713-524-9459 (Houston). I will be staging supplies for a trip in the near future.