January airport arrivals up 19 percent
Tuesday, February 11, 2003

We know this may be getting a little boring...but there is more evidence
today that the tourism industry, already the major engine of the
nation's economic growth, is getting even bigger. Statistics just
released by the Immigration Department indicate that January arrivals at
the Philip Goldson International Airport set a new all time record. The
thirteen thousand, one hundred and fifty-eight passengers represent a
hefty nineteen percent increase over the figures for January 2001. Much
of that rise is attributed to new routes opened by U.S. Air and Air
Jamaica, as well as increased capacity by American and Continental...
not to mention the gradual rebound following nine-eleven. In related
news, B.T.B. has announced that come March, U.S. Air will be increasing
the frequency of flights from its Charlotte hub from four times a week
to daily.