PUP Presents Town Manifesto
says “Let the Positive Movement Continue”
After their nomination rally and parade through the streets of San Pedro took place on Monday, February 17, 2003 friends, supporters and electoral candidates of the People’s United Party (PUP) gathered together at Esmeralda Park to present their San Pedro Town Manifesto 2003-2006 to the people. Belize Rural South Area Representative Hon. Anna Patricia Arceo and Mayoral candidate Alex Nuñez and town council candidates all helped deliver their manifesto message to the crowd gathered at Esmeralda Park. The following are highlights of the PUP town manifesto for La Isla Bonita.

Education - Assist in building additional classrooms to ensure that more children can attend school. Establish a non-profit foundation to assist in the provision of scholarships to high school and junior college students.
Infrastructure - Build the bridge at Boca del Rio to give easier access to the north side. Construct the San Pablo Commercial Marina and relocate all cargo boats to the new site. Maintain and upgrade the main town streets at Escalante, San Pablo, San Marcos, San Pedrito, San Juan, Boca del Rio, north and south of the island.
Health - Assist the San Pedro Health Center to provide immunization programs for all children. Provide prenatal care for expecting mothers.
Public Service - Promote the construction of 2 new San Pedro Police sub-stations for the south and north side of the island. Assist the construction of a second Fire sub-station for north side of the island. Coordinate on a regular basis with the Transport Board and the Traffic Committee for the speedy and efficient resolution of traffic problems on the island.
Land and Lots - Work together with the office of the Area Representative for BRS and the Lots Committee in identifying and providing affordable lots to all residents.
Communications - Introduce a quarterly newsletter from the San Pedro Town Council along with Belize Rural South. Re-introduce the community bulletin board to serve as a focal point of information for all town events, notices and activities.
Tourism - Maintain an ongoing project to keep La Isla Bonita clean. Work closer with the Belize Tourist Board for the proper marketing of Ambergris Caye. Continue to promote the tourism industry to create jobs.

Copies of the PUP Town Manifesto are available to the public at the BRS office and the PUP office in Tarpon Street.