I just Talked with Gach of Amigo Travel,He was at the International
Airport.He said all is well at Maya Island Air. They have lost no Planes
and everything is flying.They will have cell Phones later this afternoon
that will work much better.They have radio communication with the
mainland.There was no water on front street. all was on the back side
four feet and more.He said that nando trejo of Maya Island had 80 people
staying at his house the homes around him got flooded.He was going to
get supplies for the generators.He said there should be electric on
front st. tomorrow.All computors were saved and everyone is doing just
fine,considering the problems.He said they will contact me tonight to
see what I need to send that way.They were to Check with Armando Graniel
the builder on the Island for His list.I told them I will stand by in
Miami and the freight planes leave on tuesday and thurdays.He said
Continental was to have a supply plane in today.Overall he sounded good
and said everyone was fine.

Jeff Rice

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