Only 3 more days until I leave the bitter cold and arrive in AC Paradise!

Actually, only 64 Hours, 30 Minutes, and 15 seconds away...until I depart for AC! :p

I hope everything goes to schedule, b/c it's expected to snow Thursday morning <of course>. mad I just hope it doesn't delay my flight. eek frown

But, yes, I'm counting down and I'm very anxious! I already packed a couple weeks ago...and already I'm dreaming of sipping Belikins and basking in the sun! Can't wait!

Anyway, to those of y'all who haven't been to AC before, it's definitely a must-go place.
And, to those who are planning to goto AC, the time will come soon enough -- just pack ahead like me and have your mindset already on the beach. wink
And, to those who are already in AC, I'm coming to join you soon! :p laugh Yeah!

All right. Take care everyone.

I'm returning to San Pedro soon...about 2 weeks away!!! Can't wait!