If someone can get me down there along with my 2 additional crew people, we will produce a video piece on what the people are going through and need. We will then submit it to CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, and others. We can be ready to come there on 1 days notice. We won' require any money for ourselves and will provide all the equipment and personnel needed to produce this. What we would need it air, lodging and other ancillary expenses covered while the 3 of us are there. Respectfully, Michael Bloom, SIP

BIO (1999)

Michael graduated from The University Of Southern California (USC) with a Masters Degree, Fine Arts with an emphasis in electronic media, and a Bachelors Degree in Film, 1982. In 1984 Mike Bloom pioneered "Product Related Marketing Videos" and is a major force in the home video and premium industry. He has created an organization that is unquestionably the most successful company of its kind. Advertising, Broadcast, and Promotion Clients include Procter & Gamble, Cash Plus Media, General Mills, Kraft/General Foods, Quaker, Sony, Bristol Meyers, Golden Grain, Sega, Hewlett Packard, The Dial Corporation, Nissan, and Toyota.

In 1986, Mike began working in Television. After demonstrating his creative insight, he was signed by The William Morris Agency, Dick Howard/John Ferriter and currently is represented there today by Mr. Ferriter, VP., Packaging, William Morris, as Dick has since retired. He has since produced several network and syndicated specials while continuing his unprecedented successful track record in the Advertising and Home Video Market.

Special Interest Productions sits on top of the product related video business with more than 65% of the market. Its list of clients include companies that are both FORTUNE 500 and Ad Age 100 corporations. The list of video clients include General Mills, the H. J. Heinz Co., The Quaker Oats Company, Sony Corporation Of America, Hewlett Packard, Sega, Alta Vista, Bristol Meyers, ExerHealth Inc. (HealthRider) and many more. Mike is responsible for targeting, negotiating and signing all of Special Interest Productions’ clients.

Mike is one of a handful of producers who has never lost money on a show he was responsible for. His many production credits as a Producer, Director, or Writer include 6 Osmond Christmas specials most recently, "The Marie Osmond Christmas Special", "The National Lampoon Collegiate Comedy Pop-Off" (a series of 12 that ran for 3 years), "Earth Aid, Our World A User's Guide" with Ed Begley, Jr., (a series of twelve, still in broadcast) and "The Discovery Zone" (a children's show utilizing the Discovery Zone amusement centers as the focal point for the set). Future proprietary projects in development or in production now include "Royalty of the IIIRD Millennium" in association with MAI Productions 1999, "The Olsen Twins, Kids Only Xmas Show" beginning Christmas 2000, "A Day In The Life Of..." 2000 (A Reality Docudrama), "SOB, Halifax School Of Broadcast" Sitcom Pilot to shoot 2001 with Dick Clark Productions, "A Carolina Christmas" (a feature movie of the week) 2001 "You Don't Have To Be Jewish" (comedy special) 2001, "Life After Death In The NFL" (feature docudrama) 2001, "Women In Sports" (a sports magazine) 2002, “The Play Caller” a feature documentary about the inside track of an NFL Coach 2002, "Zero Tolerance" a feature film base on the career of Coach Ladacuer 2002, plus many more.

In 1994 Mike was awarded his most prestigious award, "THE GOLDEN APPLE AWARD" for the child development program he originally produced for Heinz USA. There are 3 awards presented every year in the film/video category by the National Board of Education. These include the Gold, the Silver, and the Bronze. In 1994 and again in 1996 more than 16,000 entries were considered. Winning the Gold was very special to Mike, not only once, but twice. Additional awards and recognition include 3 Emmy Nominations, and 4 National CLEO Awards

Athletic Entertainment Productions (AE Productions) was recently formed for promoting and marketing sporting events as fundraising vehicles for non profit organizations. AE voluntarily produced the Steve Young Celebrity Ski Weekend at Snowbird Utah and has assisted in many of the Forever Young fundraising events. Since the AE involvement, receipts have increased over 400%. Recently AE successfully produced and promoted the Jimmy Connors/Bjorn Borg tennis exhibition tour nationally.

Mike is postured to produce variety specials, sports programs, films and any other program that mixes taped programs with live audience participation and incorporation. He mostly seeks opportunities specifically involving education and entertainment in the Children's and Special Interest Markets (Documentary) as well as the Variety and Sports Markets.

Michael Bloom