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Tell me one good story #67997
05/07/03 07:25 AM
05/07/03 07:25 AM
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Big Al Offline OP
Big Al  Offline OP
Hi, (BTW - what is a common greeting in AC?)

eek ***ALERT***A PRIZE is offered - read on.

As I've said, I haven't been there yet but will be enjoying all that AC has to offer in July - at least as much as can be enjoyed in 8 days. I recently did a little "dream time" about being on AC. I need more information to stimulate my imagination.

Those of you who live there or have visited, please tell a story of your favorite day or activity on AC. Including factual info (which you might keep separate from the story) like how did you arrange the activty, with whom, how much ($), etc. would help as well so that we can not only enjoy your story but possibly duplicate it (in our own way of course). If you include the name of the activity or place, then it will add to the searchable data base which is really helpful for AC virgins (like me).

Tell the truth, be accurate but make it interesting. Sometimes I like to write a story and I will pretend I'm telling it to a 7 year old child or grandchild. Seems to make it easier to get it out in an interesting way - for me at least.

AND... I'll have a PRIZE for the best story as judged by me and my family that are coming to visit - 6 of us. Today is May 7th (bet all those of you who are NOT on AC knew that) - you have 10 more days, ending May 17th 12 NOON, EST.

If there is enough interest, I will ask for pictures to go with the stories and make an ebook out of it and post the whole thing on the web. That would be fun and a great resource as well.

C'mon...get into it! The prize will be serious!
laugh .......... laugh ............ laugh


Re: Tell me one good story #67998
05/07/03 10:42 AM
05/07/03 10:42 AM
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San Pedro
Kra-Z-K Offline
Kra-Z-K  Offline
I was there 7 days...not long enough!!!
I can not describe my fav/best day or I will give you a small taste of the trip!
--------------------------------------------------I love Belize

It's nearly impossible to explain why I love Ambergris Caye and the country of Belize so much. The experience feels like a dream to me and it is unimaginable unless you go there, so I won't even try to go into much detail on each topic. The island feels like a big home, I feel like I belong there and I am sure most people feel the same.

I love the streets of San Pedro. I am entertained for hours just walking up and down the streets and beach, or sittting in the sand and watching what surrounds me. The place has definite character. I love the smell on the streets, the sounds, the voices. I love hearing all the different voices and languages mingling together. I love to walk everywhere, and see the bikes and golf carts, their main transportation.

I love the nightlife in San Pedro. Its perfect for me-not too wild, but definately not mild either. I love chilling with my new Belizean and Amercian friends at Cannibel's, Big Daddy's, Shark's Bar, Wet Willies, and Jaguars(what a night Sat night!), other bars, and the sand. Lady's night was fun at Willies, thank you to the 6 conneticut men. I wish I had your info to contact you. I appreciated my 2 night stay at Ramon's Resort! Thank you for the wine you left me to take home. I loved hanging out with Chuckie at night in the park. I loved the one 1.5 hr warm tropical rain I felt. I love the early morning time on the island. I'm an early riser when I'm in Belize, regardless of the fact that most nights I don't make it to bed until 3 or 4 or one night 6:30am. I love getting up around 7 and sitting on the beach watching everything and everybody. I love my jonny cakes from Ruby's, or fresh sqeezed watermellon juice, papaya juice, lime juice or fruit smoothies. The mornings are very special on Ambergris.

I love the restaurants, how personable the waiters are and how friendly they are. Thank you to Luis, for my free breakfast and company at Lily's my first morning. And to Louis at Cocina Corumba's for my 2 Fruit Rum drinks(that I probably didn't need!) and Elvi's...what a wonderful restaurant, I love how so many restaurants, even the fancy ones, have sand floors! And Ambergris delight...the seafood pizza(conch, shrimp, red snapper!) terrific! And how most of the appetizers come with a conch salsa or conch veggie something... conch, conch, conch!!! I loved the conch at all of the restaurants and will miss it back home! And yum...the fresh kiwi, banana, mango, soursop icecreams. Thank you to Coconets for letting me taste so many of them, something I never get back home!

I love the kids there. They seem so happy and content. I remember one day watching these kids play in the dirt and they were still there 3 hrs later having fun.

I love how casual everything is. I love not wearing shoes or just wearing flip flops. I love that if i feel like wearing the oldest, scrungiest pair of shorts I own, I can and not feel weird about it. I love that things are never in a hurry and I never feel rushed.

I love my friends on the island. The first night it was a little awkward chilling with everyone because they seeemed so friendly and kind...I really kept my guard up as it seemed too good to be true. I loved hearing them speak creole to each other and i couldn't understand it. I know sometimes they would say things to each other about me and it was funny trying to figure it out. Some of the guys on the beach would comment to me in creole and it's probably best I couldn't understand! I love how I laughed more than usual when I was with them. I love that everyone accepts me and people for who I am and who they are and sees the good things in people.

I love the mainland for its beauty. The mountains, rivers, caves, ruins, and jungle are breathtaking. Enough said there.

I love the people of Belize. Everyone I met down there has such a big heart. I love how happy they are and how thankful they are for what they have. I love the attitude people have there, their priorities and ways their live their lives. I love how friendly and accomodating they are, and how little or nothing is expected in return. The waiters, the tour guides, the locals, everyone is wonderful! Even the American's who move down there... everyone there knows how to relax, live on day at a time. You get there when you get there. Everyone is much less rushed.

I love swimming in the ocean in Belize. I love how clear and warm the water is. Scuba diving is amazing, undescribable. The marine life is outstanding.

I miss everyone...Thank you to Ricky and Andre, what a wonderful cave tubbing experience. I can honestly say I have never been drunk at 3pm and off of Cherry Bombs! You took such good care of me and made my day unforgetable. Thank you Annie, how incredible you are to have moved from MN to Belize! I think that is awesome. It was fun riding in the plane from the city to the island with you and getting the plane 'tour.' I appreciate the invite at Caye Caulker and will definately stay my next visit! Thank you to Bonner, my forever Cave tubbing partner... what a blast you were, thanks for freaking me out when the caves were completely dark! Wilbert, thank you for teaching more about your culture and island. I appreciate how quick you emailed me my drunk pics! Thank you to Aaron, for hurrying to pick me up, race me to the boat I missed 30 minutes out and getting me on the cave tubbing trip! andthank you for teaching me so much about the Mayan Ruins at Altun Ha and for my first experience with Belezean G. And for the tamales... for being the only one on the tour that you shared your lunch with. Shalo, you were awesome at Kareoke... don't understand Creole but it sounded really cool! Thanks for the talk at the beach that night. To Gladys and my housekeeper at Spindrift. What wonderful people! Thanks for letting me keep my belongings at your place until you opened. And Amigo Del Mar's, for letting me store my things for the half day I went scuba diving. You are all such kind people! Thank you to Rene, great man, for setting up my snorkal trip. You were such a huge help with all of the pics on your computer and your guides were so much fun. It was sad to say goodbye to you my last day. Thank you to Eddie and Alberto. How patient you were teaching me to Scuba. I can't wait to get certified and do my next dives with you! You both are a blast, how lucky I was to have private dive lessons with you both. I still laugh when I look at my pics in my wetsuit! I am sure you guys did too! Thank you to Tony, Troy and my parasail partner. Thank you for making me feel so comfortable the first time I parasailed. It was a blast, it made me see how gorgous this island truely is! You made my first day at AC phanominal and set the rest of my trip up for excitement... THANK YOU Tony, for you and Chuckie being 2 of the most respectful men I have probably ever met. 100 appologizes for missing our jet skiing 'day date'. I hope you believe the guys took me parasailing my last day again and we did not make it back in time. I was 30 minutes late. I am so glad I found you before I left. Pedro (Chuckie) THANK YOU, THANK YOU, you are such a wonderful and sweet person. My last night was amazing and it ment so much to me that you were able to take the boat out. Teaching me to drive the boat with you at 1 am, seeing the rest of the north end of the island, the stars, the air, the breeze... unforgettable. Tom, I can not thank you enough... you did more for me than you can realize. I appreciated chatting on the docks Sat night, appreciated you trying to communicate with the security man that kicked us off twice, for hanging at Spindrifts and talking about life... I was nice to finally let my guard down and be myself(this was the nicest part of the whole trip with everyone in Belize). But you made me feel like I could say anything and I wouldn't matter, which I can never do back home with the men I go out with. I can't remember the last time I was this relazed, this content. I didn't want this trip to end. To 20 other Belezeans, who I did not mention above- you and the above made this trip a memory I will never forget. It was a vacation and learning experience. You have no idea how much it and everyone who did what they did for me means to me. My Belize trip is special.

Re: Tell me one good story #67999
05/07/03 07:32 PM
05/07/03 07:32 PM
Joined: Jan 2001
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Maple Grove, MN USA
Bobber Offline
Bobber  Offline
We've made 3 trips to AC so far, and have done a number of things. Been to Hol Chan more times than I can count, both diving and snorkeling. Made a few snorkel trips down to Caye Caulker on the Hustler Cat. Did the Blue Hole, Manatee trip, some reef fishing. Probably the most fun all around was on our last trip when we decided to do a "boat day". Since we were diving with Hustler, we approached them with the idea of a boat and crew for the full day. The cost seemed to be somewhat fixed so it depended on how many people. also, it was kind of slow then so they were easy to deal with. With 6 in our party, we were quoted (if I remember correctly) $75 for the divers, $55 for the non divers. We set it up for 2 days later, and we had a nice big boat with a crew of 2. We left the dock about 8:30 and headed north up to Mexico Rocks for some snorkeling and fishing. One of the crew went out with the snorkelers to spear some fish for lunch, and we all were gathering conch. The fisherman managed to pick up a few also, and after a few hours we headed a little farther north. It was pretty rough outside the reef, so we did our first dives inside, on the north side of Mexico Rocks. Hey, not the greatest, but we had fun. We headed farther north, and just took it easy and relaxed, did a little more fishing. We ended up at Basil Jones in the early afternoon and the crew had fileted the fish and cleaned the conch. Made up fresh conch ceviche right on the boat, probably the best I've ever tasted. At BJ they had prepared the fish and put it on the barbecue. One of the best meals I've had in AC, and that is really saying something. Afterwards we wandered the beach in the area. That is probably one of the most beautiful sites on the whole island.
After awhile, we tried to get outside the reef for our next dive, but it was still too rough so we did another shallow dive inside. Again, not thrilling to the core, but kind of interesting. We headed back in the late afternoon and got back to the pier just before dark.
It's a short story to tell, but the enjoyment we had was immeasurable. We fished, snorkeled, dove, ate well, and got a tour of the whole coast north of SP. The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing. Since we were diving, no beer on the boat, but that evening we tagged a few with dinner and rehashed the whole day. The cost was less than my wife would have spent in a few hours shopping, so we did not consider it expensive at all. We also closely watched the preparation of the fish, and the conch, and we have been able to reproduce it at home and it is a great hit with the non-AC friends.
There are a lot of tours to the standard spots, but you do have the flexibility to do pretty much whatever you want. I might suggest going with some ideas of what you wish to do, and then look around when you get there. The people are friendly, the place is fairly small, and the atmosphere is special. You might not want to do anything at all but relax. Believe me, this is a different place.

Been there, done that, the washing machine ate the T-shirt
Re: Tell me one good story #68000
05/08/03 07:57 AM
05/08/03 07:57 AM
Joined: Feb 2003
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Kingwood, TX
ibirie Offline
ibirie  Offline
We did the same "boat day" with Hustler Tours in March and it was one of the highlights of our trip. They charged us $400 for a 32' boat crewed by Guillermo & Alex. There was 11 in our group so everyone just pitched in $50 a piece for the boat and tip. We decided to skip the diving and loaded the boat with Belikins. (Unlimited rum punch was included in the price). One the way back we stopped at the Palapa Bar for a few rum punches and then at Wet Willy's for a few more while Alex & Guillermo cleaned the boat before returning us to Banana Beach. Awesome day of fishing, snorkeling, drinking, eating, and hanging out on the secluded beach at Basil Jones. We will definitely do this trip again and again on our returning trips to AC....

Re: Tell me one good story #68001
05/08/03 08:48 AM
05/08/03 08:48 AM
Joined: Mar 2003
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Big Al Offline OP
Big Al  Offline OP
KE - great. I did enjoy reading this when you posted before and enjoyed it again. I am asking that you try and pick out something in particular you would like to expand on and post that. I can't accept this one for the contest as it doesn't meet the rules. If I don;t follow some sort of rules then I'm sure someone else will complain..... confused

Thanks - Al

Bobber - thanks for the good entry...... Al

Re: Tell me one good story #68002
05/08/03 08:54 AM
05/08/03 08:54 AM
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Willard, Mo.,USA
Mel S Offline
Mel S  Offline
Walking through the hot sands with my family on the beach on San Pedro Town, I could hear a tinny-radio on the boat, "La Nidia". A sweet old reggae song via the voice of Belize......"Buffalo Soldier, dread lock Rasta....." an ancient Bob Marley ballad. For me, this old radio and this little panga almost made a man cry of joy, as we had lived in Belize for years, we went back to the States, the Promised land . But this was the First-Time Going back to belize. My friend Geraldo Badillo, and another old friend Justo had the boat ready for fun on the water. So many cold winters to fight, so many hours sitting in college classes, so many crazy modern American luxuries.....just time to meet an old friends again, and the Belizean reef, to me it is a friend. We pushed off and shoot across the flats and went to the back of the bay to get Geraldo's family. It turned out to be one of the greatest day of my life. We snorkeled, we fished, we swimmed, everything that I dreamt in the last three years it became my reality again, and I thanked to Holy Mary, and all los Santos ! As a frosting on a cake, we had a pic-nic on an inhabited isle, i can remember the sound of the wind going through the palm trees....hissssssssss....., we cooked our fish and geraldo made conch ceviche. My daughter and Geraldo's kids were swimming in the shallows in the beach with dozens of frigate birds soaring on the wind.......It doesn't get better than this ! Best-wishes, Mel s.

Mel Sinderman
Re: Tell me one good story #68003
05/08/03 09:16 AM
05/08/03 09:16 AM
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Co Springs,Co.USA
Big Frank Offline
Big Frank  Offline
Yello, written on about my last trip to AC, about 2 years ago. I met a woman who had the most hideous hat. On the Winnnie Estelle, the hat did blow away. Never to be seen again. Thank God for small favors. I are a English Teacher and [seldom] published writer. So, if if didn't hurt so much I would recuse myself


Big Frank

A hat cost me my marriage. Even I knew that this manhole cover of a hat belonged not on my head but only in a Fellini movie. Green and purple with splotches of mustard yellow, this icon to the Seventies screamed THIS WOMAN IS A PACKRAT. For over 10 years and 3 moves, this gift from my husband had been lovingly placed on the top shelf. Never, except that first day on our honeymoon in San Francisco, had an occasion arisen where I could wear said hat. Like many men my husband had no fashion sense, but we do like to please our men, and as this hat was one of the only spontaneous gift he had ever given. I tried. I lugged that hat, which folded up smartly into its own crown, on every annual vacation. Orlando to Vancouver, Cancun to Paris, I never used it, except that once in Vail I taped it to the window to keep out the snow. But now, with my husband still sprawled on the bed, unshaven, naked, and hungover, the time was right.
“I don’t feel well, Sally, I think it was the fish fry. But you go and have fun. Don’t forget to cover up from the sun,”
I would not say gracefully, but steadily, the Winnie Estelle, a converted fishing trawler, chugged into view and tied up at the long boat dock for a day trip from Amergris Caye, Belize. As I stepped down into theWinnie Estelle, one hand bracing my chapeau, Daniel took my free hand. He had a thick head of black hair bleached brown and blonde by the tropical sun, with a touch of gray at the temples, wind-blown away from a wide forehead and square jaw. A friendly grin of white, mostly straight teeth, was partially hidden by a full black mustache. Coal black eyes in clear white irises gave way to the friendliest, crinkliest laugh lines I had ever seen. From his collared crew shirt his deep brown arms rippled with the musculature of a workingman. “I am the owner and captain, welcome aboard”.

Perhaps two dozen passengers spread out comfortably on the open deck of the ship. I found a clamshell chair and settled back to take in the moment. Cotton candy clouds that seemed never to block the sun, punctuated a corn flower blue sky. Distant cayes [pronounced keys] sat as purple ridges over gentle waters of indescribable pastels. The island slid away behind us, white houses with colored roofs sat near scalloped beaches, each with a thin line of a dock, perhaps fifty yards long, many with a thatched roof palapa at the end. The boat was scrubbed so clean and white ones’ eyes hurt just to look. The polished teak railings and brass fittings adding color and graceful lines

As the boat anchored at the Coral Gardens, Daniel explained, “ I will guide the more experienced swimmers on a long trip around the garden. Meet me by the anchor.” soon, a half dozen of us bobbed near the rope. For the next forty-five minutes, Daniel silently glided through the warm waters pointing out various fish and coral. Huge angel fish and hungry parrotfish attacked the brain coral, small wrasses darted about near tube coral, two gray squid flapped slowly away. An endless tube of purple black tangs, hundreds of them, stretched to infinity in both directions. Three stingrays patrolled nearby, flapping their wings like gray and white stealth fighters. I spied a hawksbill turtle paddling away, and touched Daniel’s arm to show him. He held my hand and we swam after it for a time, careful not to get too close.

Back on the boat, Daniel offered fresh cut pineapple, “ To take away the salt water taste.” I have never tasted anything so luscious. We neared Caye Caulker and Daniel said, “ Perhaps 200 people live here and for the next three hours just enjoy the pace. There is only one main street and two cross streets. I recommend the Sandbox Café near the boat dock.” Being contrary by nature, I didn’t go there.

I found a big deck chair on a long boat dock that stretched far into the green waters, the shaded palapa and breeze and beauty of the breakers made my heart ache with melancholy. I felt alone, but not lonely, in a world most people never visit, glad my husband wasn’t there; a sad admission on a vacation. A scuffle of feet on the boards nearby made me realize another had entered my world.

“Oh, Hola Senorita Sally, you found my secret lunch spot.” said Daniel. “ I noticed your hat.”
“A gift from years ago.”
“Quite a hat.” He said. “It reminds you of someone?.”
“Yes, of a different time and now a different person.”

We didn’t speak for a long time, there was no awkward need to fill the silence. The quiet we both had sought was respected. We sat on the edge of the pier, our feet dangling above the water. Whitecaps a half a mile away showed the barrier reef where the waves broke, then rolled onto the beach, as gentle as a kiss. A steady breeze meant I had to keep one hand on my hat, chin tilted to accept the warm sun.

Daniel reached into his beat-up cooler and brought out a plastic cup. “Ceviche, made today with conch I caught yesterday.”

He only had one fork so I dug into my straw bag for a baggie full of wheat thins. The crisp bite of the conch meat, the tang of the lime, and mostly, the fresh cilantro is an acquired delicacy that left my mouth moist. We shared his orange soda and I found some wedges of Laughing Cow cheese, and deep in my bag some cashews. Dessert was fresh, cold pineapple.
“A good snack,”
“Oh, look,” I said as my fingers closed on something in my purse. I held three silver kisses in my palm. The world is not a fixed size. Absolute distance and time
never change, but relative distance and time will grow and shrink to one’s need. In this world there was only one achingly beautiful sea vista, one perfect long dock, and two near strangers. “Have a chocolate,” I said.
I peeled off the wrapper and leaned close as I offered a morsel, with one hand I steadied my hat, which I suddenly realized was a good shield from prying eyes on the beach. Daniel parted his lips to accept the candy, so when I kissed him he was ready. His dry lips met mine, first yielding then pressing back equally. Like a school girl my heart hammered. I broke the kiss and blinked, still hidden by my enormous hat. The water was more beautiful, the breeze more bracing, the wooden planks courser and warmer on my thighs. His eyes were wide in surprise. I put my pale hand to his face, his skin as brown as leather with a short stubble. The second time I kissed him I savored the feel.

Sea salt on his lips and lime from the ceviche, enough to make me squint my closed eyes. And cilantro, how I love cilantro. We kissed deeply and for a long time, one hand faithfully holding my hat against prying eyes on the shore. My left hand at the base of his neck, his hair salty and brushed back by the sea breeze. I laid my head, in a perfect fit, to the curve of his shoulder and jaw. He smelled of the sea and soap and cilantro. I looked at his laugh lines and his dark eyes and his black hair bleached blonde at the tips and I went to kiss him again. One sudden shore gust and that goddamn hat sailed away.

Instinctively, I plunged into the water and snapped off five quick breast strokes. Like some hideous Portuguese Man O’ War, my aqua colored hat floated about fifty meters away, and gaining. I freestyled after it, pausing after thirty meters, “Do you see it?” I shrieked.
“Yes, yes, keep going, but the tide is going out, hurry.”
When I surfaced again He said, “Sally, the hat has sunk. I don’t see it”
All one can say at that point is, “Oh, shit!” Of course, less for the hat than for the missed opportunity.
The Winnie Estelle sailed away from that island, right past the dock where we had kissed. I stared into the water, searching. Yes for the hat, but really just searching the sea for a glimpse of myself. Daniel gave the helm to the first mate, and came to stand next to me, silently watching the waters by the scene of the crime.
He pointed and shouted, “Oiga, mira! Hey, look! There, I see your hat.”
I scanned the area frantically, ”Where?”
“There, but—“ He smiled broadly and crinkled up his eyes, “ But a sting ray is mating with it. They’ll both be happier this way.”
I sucked in my breath to scream at him, but I began to laugh. I laughed till tears came. My knees buckled, I slouched on the rail, raised my rum punch and tilted the plastic cup to the copulating saucers, “ Should old acquaintance be forgot…”
Daniel harmonized foolishly, “And never brought to mind. We’ll drink a cup of rye my dear, to Aulde Lang Sine.”
When I got back to the cabana, my husband sat on the balcony and I told him a little of my trip.
He reached into my straw bag for some sunscreen, “Hey, you brought me a present!” and put a baseball hat on his head. A surprise to me, Daniel had slipped in a clean white baseball cap with the Winnie Estelle logo.

I crossed the verandah, took the hat off his head and fitted it to my size. “No, this is for me.”

Re: Tell me one good story #68004
05/08/03 09:16 AM
05/08/03 09:16 AM
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dogmatic prevaricator Offline
dogmatic prevaricator  Offline
what's the prize? a pig in a poke isn't much incentive.

If you must choose between two evils, pick the one you've never tried before.
Re: Tell me one good story #68005
05/08/03 09:27 AM
05/08/03 09:27 AM
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Big Al Offline OP
Big Al  Offline OP
Dogmatic - the prize will be at least a body massage for free. I am trying to get the spas to kick in whatever they are willing. I would like to offer a free massage and manicure, pedicure or nail job as well. I'll announce something as soon as it is nailed down. BUT - I will pay myself for at least a full massage just for the fun.

If it happens to be someone who will never come to AC again, then I will figure something else out.


Re: Tell me one good story #68006
05/08/03 09:28 AM
05/08/03 09:28 AM
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Big Al Offline OP
Big Al  Offline OP
Frank - that's a really good story. I won't hold it against you that you are an English Teacher... wink


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