Hi everyone,

I will be a summer visitor to Ambergris for July & August and am looking for an apt or room for 6-8 weeks while I work do some dive training at Ramon's dive shop.

I will be on my own (28 yr old responsible and handy postgrad student), and am exploring the possibility of some sort of a room to rent from a local family (will give me a chance to know some people and refresh my spanish). On the other hand, I realize that this may be a bit idealistic, especially in a place that is as developed as A/C. I could also either share a house or be a "gap boarder" - to fill in the weeks in between more permanent renters.

I am looking for something that is secure, shared bath no problem, within walking distance from Ramon's (ie, not on the N end). Cooking facilities would be great so I wouldn't have to eat out all the time. My budget is about $300-450 a month.

I've tried Mary at Caye Management already, and she doesn't have anything in my budget.

I will check things out once I hit ground in a week, but would appreciate any leads or suggestions now.