I want to thank everyone who answered all of my questions over the last 6 months.

We just got back from two weeks at Captain Morgan's on Ambergris Caye. It was our first trip to Ambergris Caye. My husband and I had a great time. I was kind of worried that the water taxi to and from San Pedro might become a pain, but it didn't. We enjoyed it. IMHO, Captain Morgan's resort and their beach was the best we saw in Ambergris Caye. I highly recommend it. There were three weddings, that we saw, at Captain Morgan's and honeymooners every where we looked.

Although, their on site restaurant needs a little help. The restaurant was good for breakfast and lunch. Although, they could use a new cook for dinner. We walked to Capricorn's Restaurant three times for dinner (it was excellent). We took the water taxi to town for dinner too. Sometimes we were able to catch a free ride on Captain Morgan's boat when they were going into town to pick up new guests.

I liked that Captain Morgan's has a backup generator. I'm a bit spoiled when it comes to air conditioning. We experienced six power outages while we were there and within 5 or 10 minutes the backup generator was up and running. And the air was back on...

We were able to book our dives, ruin tours, etc. through Captain Morgan's activities office. And, we booked some things on our own. We really liked Protech's dive operation. Even though we take our own gear, we noticed that Protech has great rental gear. Their staff was the best. We did some local dives with Protech. My husband and I got certified with the DPV (diver propulsion vehicles). That was fun. And, my husband got the Enriched Air (Nitrox) certification too. Protech is great.

We did dive with Amigos del Mar for the blue hole and made a couple of local dives with Patajo. Patajo's dive operation was pretty good and we made some good local dives. The seas were very rough while we were there and I'm glad we went with Amigos del Mar to the blue hole because they have a big boat. Five out of 12 divers were sick on the boat ride out to the blue hole. Not us. I thought that two of the dive masters with Amigos were extremely unprofessional. One was way too forward and suggestive with one of the female divers and one drank so much beer he could hardly walk and pissed off the back of the boat 6 times on the boat ride back to San Pedro. Even so... The day was great. The blue hole was a great dive, the second reef dive off Half Moon Caye was incredible, we had lunch on Half Moon Caye along with a trip to the bird sanctuary and the last reef dive was fun too.

For restaurants we liked Capricorn, Calientes, Sweet Basil, Jambel Jerk, Elvi's and the guy cooking up the chicken with red beans and rice at the end of the Wet Willies dock on Wednesday nights. We enjoyed dancing and listening to music at Fido's and Wet Willies.

Just to let you know. I look good in my three new outfits I bought at Isla Bonita Design's. While my husband was drinking Belikin's on the beach I was shopping.

We only took one trip to the main land (Lamanai ruins). It was a great trip and adventure just getting there. The seas were so rough I didn't want to make the crossing again to do the cave tubing thing. We went with Hustler and we don't recommend them only because their boat was too small for the rough crossing to the mainland. We had a white knuckle ride to and from the mainland. We watched the SeaRious boat go by us and their passengers were able to drink Belikins while we were hanging on and trying not to get too beat up. It's funny now.

As for golf carts... I recommend the gas powered golf carts. We rented two Moncho "fully charged" electric golf carts at the Caye Mart near Captain Morgan's and we were lucky to get to San Pedro in order to trade them in for new ones with charged batteries. Personally, we couldn't tell the difference between a gas or electric cart even when they running. The gas powered ones were so quiet. Go ahead and let me have it!

Anyway, thanks again and we had a great time!! Oh, and the only thing I didn't like and I knew it was going to be there was the sea grass.