Placencia villagers welcome people from all over, as it comes alive this weekend for the Annual Lobster Festival. The Placencia Lobster Festival has been scheduled for this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Chairman of the Placencia Village Council, Glenn Eiley, tells us how this festival will be better than last year's and include three big bands to perform this weekend.

GLEN EILEY:"First of all it seems that we would be in a better position. Last year as you recall we had some terrible weather. This year we hope to be even bigger. We are having a dance for the first time three nights a week. The first night will be Griga Boyz, the second night, Saturday night is Santino's and then the third night it is Placencia's very own Inna Vibrations and we were able to get people to sponsor live bands we really look forward to a great fishing tournament, we have fabulous prizes, we have over fifty odd prizes including airline tickets, dinner for two, stays at different resorts all over the country and we are asking people to come in and participate."

Chairman Eiley tells us what visitors can expect besides the usual lobster specials.

GLEN EILEY:"Bearing in mind that lobsterfest is to commemorate the Fisherman's Day and so will have a boat parade as usual and the blessing of the boast which is generally Sunday morning. Today the fishing industry has grown tremendously and our lobsterfest fits right in along with Fisherman's day. Well we encourage every single soul who can man a booth they can bring anything in fact we are encouraging other organizations like the banks, the BTIA, the Tour Guide Association, this is a good opportunity to sell yourself to say what is the Placencia Tour Guide Association for example and also to solicit membership so it is all a part of bringing the whole community together."

Other measures were taken to ensure that the Placencia Lobster Festival lives up to its name. Eiley explains.

GLEN EILEY:"We have to step it up a notch, we ask everybody who is going to be doing food to have some type of lobster dish and in fact it is mandatory now that you must have at least one or two plates of lobster dishes because it is a lobsterfest. One of the other things that I think is slightly different this year too we got the road paved in the village and the whole layout of the tents and everything will be different and this is something that we want you to understand and to bear with us and we will start as early as Thursday in terms of setting up our booths and we are asking everyone who has bought one to come out and share with us their ideas and assist in setting up the grounds so that we can kick off very early Saturday without any hitches."

Chairman of the Placencia Village Council, Glenn Eiley told Love FM that Placencia Point is where the Caribbean breeze meets sandy beaches that is unique, as he encouraged Belizeans to take advantage of weekend, in Placencia Lobster Festival.