Great news from Terri Badillo...Our house is still
standing and doesn't appear damaged.!!!! Nick toured
our street and Dane's house still has a tower but part
of roof gone. Steve has glass windows missing on west
side. She couldn't tell me about any other houses
back by us..she was so exhausted from her round trip
to the caye with food and clothing and emotionally sad. All she could do was hug everyone.
Glends's house not badly damaged and still has roof.
Mildy is missing roof and walls damaged. Fernado also
missing roof. Concita and Manuel's house ok and
Junie, too. Sandbox is ok but lots of coconut trees
down in yard. Hot Dog Dave's (English Alex) House is
down and Terry Anderson's house is damaged.
We will sleep well tonight and that knot in my stomach
has eased up. Love, Amy and Greg