Well, here I am in AC. Have found most of the places you need to know in order to get by...No not just the Rum and Bars. Have found that walking is not that much of a hardship for this US Gal. I did find out something great though. While walking into San Pedro with my two girls during one of the Rain Storms and dodging bikes, puddles, taxi's and golf carts a nice man on a bke asked me "Why not walk on the beach?" Now that was the simplist question I wish I had asked myself. DUH!!! I tried it. By the way not only do you not have to worry about traffic you get there quicker. Thanks to that Wonderful Insightful Man. Still loving it here! By the way, all you do need to open a bank account is picture ID, the letter from your US Bank and $200.00 USD. Please take note that it takes 21 buisness days to clear..so bring enough cash or bring cash and exchange prior to getting to the bank. The banks don't have over 2-1 exchange.