Greetings from Slickrock Adventures in Moab, Utah!,We are writing you
today because you have expressed interest in our,Belize trips in the
past. Many people have been contacting us with,questions about what we
know of the damage Hurricane Keith has caused in,Belize. ,US media
coverage has, as usual, greatly exaggerated the reports coming,out of
Belize. Through Internet chat sites, emails from friends in,Belize, and
phone conversations with contacts on location, we have,learned that only
the very northernmost areas of Belize were damaged.,It was a strong,
concentrated storm and the high winds only extended 35,miles out from
the eye, so only a small area was severely impacted,primarily Ambergris
Caye and Caye Caulker, although they have by no,means been 'wiped out'.
The rest of the country is in fine shape. Belize,City had winds of 60-70
mph which knocked over a few ramshakle houses,and power lines, but the
city received on substantial damage. All,areas in southern Belize,
including our island Long Caye at Glover's,Atoll were virtually
unaffected by the storm.,Slickrock's operations both out on Long Caye
and inland will be,unaffected by the hurricane and all trips are still
scheduled to run as,planned. We just talked to our caretaker on the
island, Apolitico Salam,and the only damage is a few top leaves on
cabanas #5 and #6 blew off in,the winds of the storm. ,Please be aware
that reports of destruction will continue to flow out of,Belize but
these reports will be concentrating on the areas of northern,Belize
where Hurricane Keith actualy hit.,Thank you for your continued interest
in Slickrock Adventures, and,thanks to everyone who have been sending us
concerned e-mail messages!,Cully Erdman and Lucy Wallingford ,Slickrock
Adventures,[email protected],(800)
390-5715,,P. O. Box 1400,Moab, UT 84532 USA,fax:
(435) 259-6996