there was a question about the construction at Sunbreeze, i can't seem to find it now..

here is the question:
Does anyone know the status of construction at the Sunbreeze hotel? We
> planning a trip in February and am getting conflicting reports as to the
> status of construction in February. We are contemplating staying there,
> however would prefer not to staty at a hotel that is under

i just spoke to Michelle at Sunbreeze, and she says:

The refurbishment is still ongoing, as I speak. The Lobby and Annex
Building(The Hotel Entrance) will be done and functional as of October 1st.
The 11 rooms were refurbishing will be ready by the end of the first week of
Upon saying this, please reassure guests that there is no need for them to
worry. All the work being done now will be far done by February.