(By: Belize's National Emergency Management Organization)

The Damage Assessment sub committee of the National Emergency Management
Organization (NEMO) continues its work to bring a full report to the
people and the international community by early next week. At this time
however based on very preliminary reports from various sectors it appears
that at least some US$200 Million in damages were suffered from the
of Hurricane Keith.

This damage includes some US$45 Million in the agricultural sector, US$35
Million in the export and US$10 Million in domestic crops. The tourism
Industry has already begun to repair some US$100 Million in damages to
hotels, restaurants, boats, jetties, etc. The Development Finance
Corporation, commercial Banks and insurance companies are coordinating
responses for a quick recovery in order to avoid any cancellations. The
nation's infrastructure including roads, streets, drains, and utilities
presently estimated to require some US$55 Million to repair damages. While
the damage to residential and commercial properties is significant most
insured and the damage assessment continues.

Fortunately because of disaster awareness and logistics management, there
few fatalities. Present reported missing still being verified is less than
ten and only one body has actually been found.

The international community has responded well, and the Prime Minister has
communications underway to negotiate relief and assistance from several
countries and organizations. Meanwhile Belize's Governor to the
Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Minister Fonseca, is meeting with
local representative and other executives arriving in country from
including Mr. Richard Archie to design an Emergency Reconstruction
IDB President Enrique Iglesias has invited Minister Fonseca to meet with
and his team next week to expedite this facility and to put together a
consultative group to approach international donor and financial

Minister Fonseca has also written the insurance companies calling on them
respond expeditiously to all claims. The office of the Insurance
is in contact with the individual operators monitoring activities,
to calls from the insured public and is issuing its own press release.