hey all, I am trying to get in contact with an old friend.I lived in San Pedro for a couple years as a child . I know live in N.Y. my friends name is Edilmita she,s about 26 years old . I know she has a store of some sort out there, is a lifelong resident of the island.she has a little sister named Sarah her moms name is Edilma.I know its kinda far fetched considering theres no last name .shes probably married any way ,i know she has atleast one child.we were very good friends and my family that has visited always told me they saw her and she asked of me but no direct contact was ever established. If there is anyone out there who has the slightest idea of who i,m talking about.please let me know .My name is KeishaTucken Sherblom my mom was Marie Tucken and my brothers are Dwayne and Edwin Tucken.We lived therein the late 80,s early 90,s my e-mail adress is ([email protected]) any imput would be greatly appreciated .
sincere thanks
kms smile