Prime Minister Said Musa has announced a realignment of the portfolios of Ministers of the Cabinet. The Prime Minister will assume the responsibility of National Development incorporating economic planning, poverty, elimination projects and governance improvement. Hon. Francis Fonseca will take on full responsibility for the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The portfolio of investment has been transferred to Hon. Mark Espat in addition to his responsibilities as Minister for Tourism and Culture. The former Minister of Investment and Foreign Trade, Hon. Eamon Courtney becomes Attorney General and Minister of Foreign Trade. Foreign Minister Hon. Godfrey Smith now has added responsibility for Defence and national Emergency Management while Hon. Sylvia Flores assumes the portfolio responsibility as Minister for Human Development, Hon. Marciel Mes continues to be responsible for local Government and Labour. Hon. Vildo Marin will now be responsible for health and Communications and Hon. Jose Coye takes over the Ministry of Works. Hon. Cordel Hyde assumes additional responsibility foe Transport while retaining the subject of Housing. Consequent on the realignment of portfolio responsibilities the prime Minister has also agreed to a redeployment of certain Chief Executive Officers.