>>Travelers who enter Mexico by road and plan to stay in that country for less than seven days will be pleased to learn that they need not pay any departure tax upon their leaving. The main idea behind this decision, says Mexican Ambassador to Belize, Arturo Trejo, is to promote tourism in Mexico.

AMBASSADOR ARTURO TREJO:" The Government of Mexico has decided to exclude the paying of departure tax to all tourist visiting Mexico for less than 7 days that includes of course Belizean tourist going to Mexico and we are very happy with this decision because I am sure that more Belizeans will go now that they will know that it will cost less money to go to Mexico. We know that the Embassy has been trying to facilitate the entrance of Belizean tourist to Mexico we have now the possibility that a Belizean tourist carrying only local visitor's pass can visit the whole state of Quintana Roo including Cancun of course and many other places of interest that are located in the State, the bordering State of Quintana Roo. This is a method for promoting tourism and also facilitating the enter of tourists to Mexico."

Anyone else staying in Mexico for more than seven days will have to pay the US $21.00 departure tax.