Hi. I'm new here, having found this site after making my plans to visit AC. After reading some of your (very informative) messages, I still have some questions and would appreciate any help.

I will be staying at Portofino. It sounds like they have a very nice resort and restaurant. However, I will probably want to try other places for dinner as well. Is it possible to walk to Capricorn from Portofino? If not, are water taxis available between these two places? Or, can we get there by golf cart?

Are there any other nice restaurants within walking distance of Portofino?

If we decide to go to San Pedro in the evening, would it be difficult to get back to Portofino late at night? How late do the water taxis run?

I'm sure I'll have lots of other questions before leaving for AC. I'll be there in April....can't wait!! I'm so glad I found this site. AC sounds like paradise.

Thanks for your help on the above questions and for any other suggestions you may care to make.