My husband and I stayed last year at Captain Morgans in May. I have a 3 year old climbing on my back while I am trying to type this. We are wondering what the weather is like for late Aug through Labor day in Sept. We are also looking at renting from Caye Management. Our 1st choice is Haggins House since it is 5 miles from town and offers (I'm assuming) more privacy. Other choices were Mi Vida Loca and Casa Teresita. We would like to have our privacy because we like to have (naked) FUN. We live in Michigan out in the thumb area so our weather is also very unpredictable. Does any one have any input on the weather and these 3 houses that are for rent?
Any other tips would be appreciated. Is there also a festival for a local independence day? The last time we were there I thought for sure I was going to have to buy the golf cart my husband was driving because we tried to go as far as we could down the north shore of the island.