Events to unfold Tues. May 4, 2004
Day two on AC will start with me waking the the boys and grabbing a sack full of meat pies from Celi's and then off to see some old friends.
Since Estelle's is closed on Tuesday's I will have wait until later to introduce the boy's to my old pal and picking guru, Charlie Worthington.
Usually it takes Charlie until the afternoon to get his honey-do list finished on his day off and then on to some serious Belikin quality control inspecting. On our way to see Tim Budd's new place
at the cut, Papi's Place will be the ultimate stop for a cold one and some lunch. Papi and family are dear friends and he was a great asset to Beverly and I when we managed Fido's and the Purple Parrot's back in the day. Seeing Skinny's place will be a treat, he has come along way from our performing days as Gibby and Thunderbudd. He and Elisabeth have become household names of Belize vistors from around the world. I remember the first time he met her when he came from the mainland to play with me at Fido's. It was love at first Belikin for sure.
After the afternoon reunion tour a nap will be in order to prepare for Tuesday nights show at Fido's. Tuesday's show will be like Monday's only better as I'm sure old friends like Wil and Dale and Dennis and Reynaldo will be stopping by after their gigs. Ebbe has assured me that he is working on getting Charlie out of the house to do some drumming with us. That would truly be a treat for those of you who have not heard the old master perform.
Around midnight another plate of food from the park and some cold B's will take us to another pier to chill and contemplate why we even booked return flights to the "Land of way to Much."

Day Three coming soon....Be sure to make your plans to party on with us at Fido's Courtyard.
Most important to remember, at Fido's there is always FREE PARKING....BF Gibby signing off.