Hello everybody..anybody!?!?!? We are so glad to have found this message board - after days of surfing the web I was amazaed, and disgusted, by the fact that no US newspapers or Tv stations seemed to be showing any pictures or Caye Caulker or the rest of Belize, giving follow-up info, etc. How sad! I have been trying to get in touch with Wendy de la Fuente (Island Girl) - if anyone knows of her whereabouts please let us know! Hopefully all is well and she just doesn't have power to email right now - very worried about the situation down there. We also had travel plans like so may people - we fell in love with the island before ever setting foot on it and are wondering what to do now? Anybody with any information please write! Should we still plan on going??? (Nov 9th is our arrival date) - would like to get out there to help, nevermind the vacation - just don't know if that's possible...HELP! Would love to hear from anybody - and Wendy, we send our love, girl! Email: [email protected] Best wishes to all of you!!!!