Haleakala: received your post below regarding The Palms and had two quick questions for you:
1) Any word on Artemio? We're worried about him too.

2) Can you give us any indication as to the damage done to the casita and pool?

Thanks so much!

- posted 10-05-2000 04:51 PM
We just got back from San Pedro and we stayed at the Palms. Everyone there is okay. Derric, Kelly & Jordan. Lena and her family is okay as well. The damage to the Palms is minimal considering the power of the Keith. The building is standing and no windows were broken. Only some damage to the roof in terms of missing tiles. There were some flooding several units. We were staying at the Casitas until the hurricane hit then we were moved to unit 21. For the most part, the palms is okay.

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