vkrohn (see below) has offered the place.

Now, What say list? How better could we thank Marty than to take up a collection for tickets for him and his family to get down there at their convenience? A dollar or, five or ten from each of us should do it!
Can someone provide an acct # or address.
Any excess can defray costs for this service we've all appreciated so much. jude

. posted 10-08-2000 09:02 AM
Hi Marty,
I will just say ditto to all the wonderful things that people have said to you. They are all true.

I know how you feel about the visiting the island and since I have a three bedroom / three bath condo right on the beach the least I can offer you is a place to stay for you and your family. Let everyone know when you're going to be there so we can meet you personally and thank you for the generous amount of your time and sleep we've consumed!