. I just got
back from the Hideaway Friday night ( I was to leave for a visit home
last Monday but seems Keith had other ideas) so I got out Friday and
will be here 14 days. Everythng is pretty much as Mike described it i
his message on the board. We had alot of dammage but we all stayed in
the bar. We put beds in there and made a shelter. We cooked on the
Bar-B-Q Pit after the storm and fed lots of people. We cleaned the pool
out and clorinated it real heavy so we would have a supply of water to
bath and flush toilets etc. with. So every one in our end of town had
water to clean up with. Late in the evenings alot of us would all get
togeather around the fire in the Pit. We had a lot of people stopping
by so if I can help with any information I will be happy to help. I am
trying to establish some kind of contact with the Hideaway so I can find
out how things are there now. If you hear anything please let me know.

people who have taken over the operation of the water plant (formely
Seatec) are staying at the Hideaway and I can go throgh their office in
Cayman tomorow when they are open and get messages back and forth.

One can take a cell phone to the top of the Belize Yacht Club
Convention Center and call out now. The problem is keeping the phones
charged. However, since several of us have geneators and they had a
little bit of electricity
on up town when I left, that shouldn't be to much of a problem.

As far as any one being stranded at Punta Luguna, I don't think so.
They were running boats every where and checking every one out. The
RedCross was even going door to door seeing if anyone was sick or needed
tetnus shots. The only person that I know of that was even sick was
Lacey, Tim's (Barefoot Skinney's) sister. She had stomach upset and
was real weak.

Thanks again'
Pat Woods